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“Earl Manigault, jumping outta the gym on ’em…Michael Phelps with the splash, about to swim on ’em” – Flow
(Only a TRUE Harlem cat would know who Earl Manigault was, If you’ve never heard of “The Goat”, Google Him!)

I’d like to introduce you to a young, talented Hip-Hop artist who goes by the name of Flow! Harlem born and raised, Flow is just what the  seemingly dying genre of Hip-Hop needs, and is someone who can undoubtedly put New York City back on the map–in reference to Hip-Hop music.

As I’ve always said, a strong background makes for a strong voice, and it’s apparent that the environment that nurtured Flow’s growth as a human being also had quite an impact on his talent. Flow’s strong vocal ability and pristine delivery fully explains where the moniker “Flow” derived from. Cleverly placed metaphors and hard-hitting punch lines are just one dimension of the multifaceted emcee.

Though Flow’s Flow seems effortless, he is fully aware of the hardships and struggles of virtually every emerging artist, facing many of those aforementioned setbacks first hand. One morning Flow woke up to discover he had lost hearing in his left ear. He would eventually be informed that he has a 50/50 chance of making a full recovery. The probable inability to hear is something that would ordinarily stifle a young musician’s career, but Flow prevailed. He regained his full sense of hearing, and picked up right where left off–on the way to the top.

While trying to compile a list of Emcees that Flow sounds the most similar too, I fell short. Flow has that very familiar New York sound  fully encompassing that Harlem swagger in every sentence and  every word, but he is also very unique, distinct even. From performing Biggie [Notorious B.I.G] verses at junior high school talent shows, to moving on to bigger and better venues, Flow is about to take the Hip-Hop world by storm.

In his current track, the Break My Heart freestyle, Flow is doing what he does best over the instrumental version of Estelles’ hit song of the same name. Flow recently released the video for “Break My Heart” which was filmed in various locations throughout Harlem, as well in Queens, at the famous 5 Pointz graffiti stomping grounds.

Practice makes perfect, and persistence makes it worth it, I’m sure Flow is fully aware of this as he maintains his hard work ethic on the road toward Hip-Hop greatness.  I would advise all of you to keep your eyes and ears out for Flow and his Off Gang team. Also, Be sure to scroll down and check out his new video, and  stay tuned! Flow definitely has much more great music to come!(K*W)

Break My Heart – Flow from The Checkout on Vimeo.