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Posted: December 29, 2012 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
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Checkout King Riv’s exclusive interview ¬†with SNAPS from Guop Gettas, featuring his video for the song “Stay On My Grind”

King Riv: First and foremost, what made you want to get into making music?

Snaps: ¬†I remember when I was like 7 or 8 ¬†and listening to my cousins,my sister,& my pops play music. Rappers like RUN DMC, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, etc….Shit I remember the first time I seen Krush Groove just seeing and listening¬† to talent from the streets floss and say what they want on tracks made feel [me] like yo this the shit i wanna do.

KR: How long have you been recording?

Snaps:  I been rapping since 9 and really started recording bout 12

KR:  Listening to some of your material, I get a gritty, Brooklyn feel from you how much has your upbringing in Brooklyn influenced your music?

Snaps:¬†Growing up in these¬†Brooklyn¬†streets I’ve ¬†seen and been through a lot of shit like any other street nigga this shit aint easy so¬†that’s¬†the things I rap about.

KR: Growing up, who did you listen to?

Snaps:¬†Growing up I listen to a lot of music¬†don’t¬†know where to start. But I could say; Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, DMX, The Lox etc.

KR:  Who is Guop Getta?

Snaps:¬†Guop Gettas Is my fam, bunch of dudes that I roll with¬†that’s¬†about getting Guop. Me and My cousin made up that name when i was like 17, ¬†we went out and got the Same¬†tattoos¬†N.Y.G.G (New York Guop Gettas) since then¬†that’s¬†been my click and what i rep.

KR:  What can we expect from you and your Crew in the future? Mix-tape/video etc.

Snaps:¬†Y’all can expect to see Much more grinding from us far as¬†mix tape/videos/etc…¬†I’m¬†Also working on a Guop Gettas Clothing Line, I Also wanna get into the acting, but hey¬†that’s¬†later on. Lol

KR: Alright last but not least , who do you listen to besides yourself, Kasually?

Snaps:¬†I like a lot of 90’s music but¬†I’m¬†a fan of real talent and we have a lot of that out here now and days. Good Music, MMG, YMCMB, Vado, Kiss¬†[Jadakiss] etc.. its a lot of good artists out here that I could sit down and listen to.


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