About Kasual World

About Jay Rasean

In 2009, after seeing a Facebook update from a friend in need of a guest blogger for his website, Jay Rasean flirted with the idea of blogging. After submitting an article entitled “Thin line between F**K and Suck”, Jay received an abundance of favorable criticisms for his topic selection and his overall writing capabilities. It was after writing this article, followed by a couple of others, Jay’s passion for writing—, which became apparent at the age of nine, was reignited.  Shortly after his blogging debut, Jay created his very own blog, Kasual World. Nearly 3 years and hundreds of articles later, Jay launched his very own website, KasualWorld.com. He is currently operating KW, while being a key contributor for the The Glit Inc. Jay is also in the process of creating a full-length novel, title to TBA.

Explanation of the Kasual World:

The general interpretation of the word “casual” could be traditionally defined as; unconcerned, careless, irregular, or perhaps, done without any prior premeditation. The word Kasual, does more than alter the formal spelling of the world casual, but also modifies the general perception of the word. To be Kasual means to be relaxed; friendly, loose, free from social convictions. Being Kasual also means to be able to break free from the norm, thus being able to explore all aspects of life in their purest forms. If you’re Kasual, it does not mean you’re unprepared for life. Being Kasual means, not only are you prepared, but also you are too able to tackle every aspect of life, and with ease, Kasually, if you will.

The Kasual World is world that fosters creativity in every possible form. The Kasual World explores everything from music to societal issues, and every facet of creativity, or general occurrences concerning the human condition in between. Welcome! and enjoy.

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