Posted: February 19, 2016 by kingriv in Kasual

IMG_0205 (2)                       Well where do I start with this Bronx, NY native by the name of Drama B. First off I am a lover of musical creations that take me on a journey through all the tracks on a record. Project Fame definitely took me for a ride with great scenery and memorable sights. The 21 track mixtape comes complete with plenty of lyrical content to feed all the bar hungry listeners.

One of my favorite songs off Project Fame is track 3 Bullet produced by Creepa ft Matt PFV. We”re in an era where rappers don’t put much substance in there rhymes but Drama B does his part in breaking that cycle with this track. Most people can relate having that feeling you would take a bullet for the woman who raised you  just for the love you for her.

Moving onto track 5 Hey Miss Lady produced by New Dersey we have the the classic boy meets girl story going on here over a super smooth beat and also showcases Drama B’s vocal melodic tone on the hook. I highly recommend this mixtape to be in anyone’s musical rotation its definitely in mine.

Unlike many tapes that has came out recently that comes with an abundance of high and low points to it with just 1 or 2 standout tracks Project Fame is far from the norm. From beginning to end  its at a high point bringing satisfaction to your eyes .

Do yourself a favor and download Project Fame From Drama B brought to you from Datgasmusic Ent Link below:







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