“Hi Everyone!”…It’s Sonna Rele!

Posted: December 1, 2013 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
Rising Star

Sonna Rele

In today’s state of music, we find ourselves in a place where the demo tape has become nothing more than an outdated relic. Formerly the first major step in procuring a record deal, cassette tapes and compact discs jammed pack with an aspiring artist’s best efforts, have been replaced by much more innovative displays of talent. YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and other well-known social media platforms, are continuously forging a bridge between musicians and recording companies. Acts like KarminColbie Caillat, Austin Mahone, and tween-fan-favorite, Justin Bieber, have all managed to burst through computer screens, and ascend beyond the confines of internet stardom. Technological advancements have aided these talented young people in a journey toward world-wide recognition; such WILL be the destiny for the undeniably talented, social media-dynamo, Sonna Rele.

Music Monday             Fifty years post London adopting its “Swinging City” moniker, the city is still swinging, producing bountiful amounts of fashionable and cultural  influence worldwide. Presently, London has so graciously offered us the gorgeous,  singer-songwriter, Sonna Rele (pronounced, Reh-Lay)  through a soul session,  known as “Music Monday”.  Music Monday is a weekly occurrence devised by  Sonna, where she covers a particular song at the request of her fans (or her friends  and family, as she refers to us). After sifting through what I imagine to be hundreds  of requests, Sonna chooses a song that strikes a special chord in her heart, and then offers us her soulful rendition of the aforementioned song. She has covered the  likes of Anita Baker, harmonizing through the song “Sweet Love”, Miley Cyrus’s  “Wrecking Ball” and my personal favorite “Ben” by Michael Jackson (I’m waiting  on my Stevie Wonder request!)

Music Monday began as an attempt to reverse the effects of the most melancholy day of the week, Monday. Sonna’s optimistic contribution toward the betterment of both music and poor attitudes, has not only brightened a few days, but also landed her a recording contract with NE-YO’s Compound Entertainment, through Universal Motown.  After becoming mesmerized by Sonna’s weekly installment of soul adjustments, NE-YO surprised Sonna onstage at one of her shows with a record deal—in which she gladly accepted. Sonna’s induction into NE-YO’s Compound family will undoubtedly help the world get a glimpse of the flair that so many of us are well aware of.

Sonna & NE-YO

Remaining true to her singer-songwriter roots, Sonna’s music demonstrates the culmination of raw talent and salt-of-the-earth-soul. In every song, Sonna unleashes an arsenal of tunes displaying her exemplary musicianship, her weapons of choice; an acoustic guitar, a keyboard and a remarkable voice. Sonna’s sound combines raw acoustics with effervescent trills and harmonious riffs. It’s evident that Sonna’s polished musical background—complete with an accomplished pianist for a father, and a key vocalist for a mother—has played a major part in her effortlessly professional work ethic. As much as her musical background is instrumentalal in her rising career, her Indian ancestry caters to her noticeable elegance and majestic daintiness.

A fan of inspirational quotes, Sonna understands the importance of motivation through encouraging words, as well as the freeing essence of music and its ability to promote a happy life, Sonna goes on to say;

“I don’t sing because I’m happy, I’m happy because I sing. For me singing is like a celebration of oxygen”.

Sonna’s amazing talent, ravishing looks and sparkling personality are bound to make her a superstar. In the event of her likely super-stardom, Sonna vows to stay humble and keep Music Mondays alive, she says;

“I’m going to be continuing on with the Music Mondays…because that’s what got me here in the first place.”

Aside from consistently keeping up with her musical covers, Sonna is traveling, performing and preparing to wow the world with her own musical compositions. I have to say, I’m a fan, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Sonna and Compound Entertainment have planned for the New Year (JR)

For a glimpse at what Ms. Sonna Rele can do, and to be part of her musical ascent, check out her performing her very own track “Boomerang”. Enjoy, Kasually!

Be sure to check her out on her social media sites:




IG: SonnaRelle

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