Kasual Q&A | Harlem’s Own *Team Envy*

Posted: September 27, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual


Rolling stone Fame and Mavrik both hailing from Harlem USA, have come together to from the group Team Envy. Rap duos seem to be a lost art form in rap music nowadays, so the question is; Will Team Envy bring it back to the way it used to be? Kasual World VP, and contributor, King Riv had a Kasual Q & A with these two young Men in order to understand what they’re all about

King Riv: First and foremost, what made you want to get into making music?
Team Envy:  Growing up in Harlem and living through unique situations that tailor made us into the Men we are today has forced us to express ourselves in many ways, but rap by far was the art that we both were compelled to use. Seeing major artist express themselves and listening to them speak of a lifestyle that was somewhat  familiar to us, we knew we wanted to represent who we were, where we come from, and what we’re all about. To top it off, we could get paid for it so the money was definitely a factor that excited us

KR:  How long have you two been a group?

TEActually this september just marked  11 years that we ( Team Envy) have been perfecting our craft.

KR: How would you describe the type of music you make?

TE: Being seasoned artists, we know that swag, flow, and bounce on a track is a must but being very lyrical, edgy and being able to show our versatility is important to us, so we do so while remaining true to the essence of Hip-Hop. For the most part, many have labled our music as triumphant because most of our songs are musically thought provoking and lyrically challenging, we allow people the opportunity to feel capable of anything.

KR: Growing up, who did you listen to?

TE:  We both listened to Biggie Smalls, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Big L, Big Pun, Wu Tang Clan, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Dougie Fresh, and countless others including The Lox, Jay-Z, and DMX, and Mase

KR:  What can we expect from a Team Envy show?

TE:  Lights, camera and, action are all understatements when Team envy is on the stage. We have made it a habit to make any venue that we touch  feel like madison square garden. Our showmanship is very important to us, so besides a small smoke effect, or crazy disco lights, we’ve been known to accommodate the ladies in a number of ways.Who knows if you roll the tapes back you might just catch us catering to the ladies with an occasional spontaneous strip tease lol…  we know that it’s very rare for a rap duo to be charismatic enough for the ladies and yet witty enough for the  male fans, but we have become experts at  meshing the two together just right. Needless to say in conclusion, our versatility and the showmanship that we provide is unmatched

KR: What can we expect from Team Envy in the future? What is the goal for you two?

TE:  Since this era of music is drastically changing every day, we  have no choice but to keep pushing past greatness we are currently working on our sophomore album and our goal is to reach a plateau where our music and our performances are globally accepted. Our art needs to be heard and seen everywhere so for now we will be preparing for the ride. Meanwhile,  the money is a chase that will never stop, come on now….  we are from HARLEM!

KR:  Alright last but not least, what do you listen to besides yourself, KASUALLY?

TE: Kasually we listen to what’s new in hip-hop because we will always be fans and we wanna keep up with how its moving, but we also keep classic inspiration around  like Marvin Gate, Otis Redding and  Al Green lol…I know what rap duo would admit that rite?




…For those who get too comfortable after an inch of success.


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