What would YOU do? Kasually

Posted: June 14, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

I’m a big fan of the ABC prime time series “What Would YOU Do”. WWYD is a show that examines individual’s willingness to assist or interject in a situation that doesn’t primarily to involve them. WWYD sort of acts a gage for society’s compassion and overall heroics. Through staged scenarios and fictitious incidents, WWYD basically determines whether or not people have the ability to help a fellow human being in their time of need.

As an example of the kind of work they do, one episode of WWYD comes to mind. This particular episode features a fictitious young interracial couple on the brink of breaking the news of their also fictitious engagement, to their respective parents. The parents in this hypothetical scenario were far from understanding. The setting for this scenario took place in a local cafe, which offered an array of onlookers or potential “test subjects” to choose from . The father of the girl–who was Caucasian, was belligerent and highly racist in his reaction. He went on and on about how the union was unethical, and just flat out wrong.

Many people sat and watched his bigoted outburst, but few interjected offering their opinionated views.  This  example is one of many.  I enjoy watching people’s reactions in situations like these.  There are people who get fully invested in fellow human beings woes, sometimes even offering physical violence as a tool of reckoning.  Then there are others who sit back and watch the madness unfold, reliant on the notion that it will all blow over,  even if it doesn’t they will continue to mind their own business.


If you saw a Man violently beating a Woman, what would you do? 

Let’s say the woman was much bigger than the Man, would that make a difference to you?

I’m sure a lot of people would intervene in a case like this, no matter the size proportions of the two individuals involved. Contrary to popular belief, I personally believe a Woman is more prone to intervene in case of extreme domestic violence much like the example presented in the aforementioned questions. I think Women are able to be more sympathetic within situations that reach emotional and psychological levels like abuse.  Most guys intervene because it’s as if its their duty as MEN to protect a Woman, we’re more focused on the physical aspect.

When I was in high school, me and a group of my boys witnessed a young man beating his girlfriend in front of an all girl high school.  We were the only guys around, so we felt the responsibility to step in, we also loved a good fight so you can say we were highly inclined to step in. Before we could approach the scene, one of the girl’s classmates beat us to the punch, literally. She began to THRASH the young man, proving his cowardice, he scurried off. Never underestimate the power of STRONG Woman, they can and will get the job done! 

Another Question:

What if they tables were turned, what if you saw a man getting violently beat by a woman?

Be honest, most guys would probably laugh, and Women would probably cheer the woman on!!

Society says Men are physically stronger than Women. With the exception of overall endurance this is probably true.  I mean more times than not, a guy would win a fight against a woman. But think about this, how many Men do you know can endure the pain of childbirth, or the monthly pains associated with menstruation.  

Then there’s emotional strength. Women are more in tune with their emotions and more equipped to handle the draining efforts of being hostage to these emotions.  But then again, most guys don’t allow such emotions to penetrate their psyche.  In regards to strength I say we’re pretty even.

With all that said, I ask again…

If you saw a man getting violently being by a woman..WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


Thanks for reading!(K*W)

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