Risk Takers: A minor study in Black and White

Posted: May 13, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Comedians have been known to constantly draw attention to the many differences between the different races, more specifically the differences between black people and white people. When a comedian compares and contrasts the two cultures they touch on the topics of; child rearing, finances, each cultures overall demeanor, and among other things, the lighter skin culture’s propensity to take risk.

Generally speaking, white people are supposedly more adventurous, and exercise less caution, especially when it comes to matters concerning mother nature. For example, a comedian might say something like:

“When black people see trouble, they run! White people see trouble, they examine lt!..what’s this, what’s that” -Paul Mooney on White People”

The previous quote and accompanying video clip of comedian Paul Mooney, sort of summarize the concept concerning the Caucasian fascination with danger more importantly dangerous animals. So with that said, White people are bigger risk takers, correct?

They go hiking, rafting, mountain climbing, skiing, sky diving and hunting. They bungee jump, wrestle alligators, get close to poisonous, dangerous species, etc.
All these things are commonly recognized as “Caucasian activities”. This is not my personal opinion, these are just some of things people usually use to identify activities done by a majority of white people.

All these things sound like immense risks.  But what about standing on street corners at all hours of the night engaging in illegal activities, and getting in too continuous confrontations that may result in the loss of your life.
What about the bringing a child into this world with out no means of financial support, or spending your last bit of money on material things rather than the necessities?

These are the things minorities are notoriously known for. Granted these are all stereotypes, not all black people have problems with priorities, not all black people deal in illegal activities.  The same way not all white people get up close and personal with lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

After reading this, you can either ask yourself once again, who’s the bigger risk taker?

Or you just understand that we’re all equally perfect and all equally flawed.

Peace (K*W)

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