Meet Malik Rashad!!!

Posted: March 16, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
Malk Rashad, looking toward the future.
I would like to introduce you all to MALIK RASHAD! Malik is  a Hip-Hop artist who has ventured toward  the modelling industry, and is someone you all should get to know! I had a chance to sit down and interview Malik, and he has some very interesting things to say. I got his take on Hip-Hop–and music in general, we discussed his past and also his future, check it out! Kasually!

Jay Rasean: What’s up man? What’s your name? rather, what do you prefer to be called? you have any aliases?                                                                                Malik Rashad: Malik Rashad aka “Mo Betta                                                                           
JR: Where do you hail from?

MR: Bed-Stuy do or die Brooklyn baby!
JR: Being from Brooklyn, and also being an artist, are you influenced by Biggie? how about Jay-Z?
MR: Of course, without question I’m influenced by them, but I’m influenced by a lot of others too–Pac, Nas, Black Thought [The Roots], Andre 3000. As an artist, I’m influenced by music period, all genres–not just Hip-Hop.

“There’s nothing new under the sun, its how you do it, how you present it” -Malik

JR: That’s good, helps to be versatile in the ever changing world of music. What are your favorite 3 songs out right now?
MR(Thinking) What’s out right now? (laughs). I honestly only listen to the radio when I get in somebodies car. I like Kanye’s new album, TI…hold on I gotta look and see what I have in my phone…
JR: No need! Even better question. What do you think of the new class of rappers right now? People like Whiz Khalifa, J.Cole, Wale, etc.
MR: I like J. Cole. Kid can definitely rap and has something to say. I honestly haven’t really got into Whiz, Wale, but rather than diss ’em i’ll just say its not for me.
JR: Understandable.
MR: I think business wise we’ve gotten so much more savvy and on point. Unfortunately its taken a lot away from the music. A gift and a curse ya know? Now beats and image or characters are what the masses feed into.
JR: I know exactly what you mean, like a double edged sword?
MR: Exactly but who am I to tell another man how to eat?

JR: Ha true…Well, how would you do it different? What can you offer to the hip-hop game?

MR: Honesty, lyricism, content, intelligence. I’m the everyday around the way dude who’s been some places and seen some things and everything I am goes into my music. Everyone likes to say ‘oh I’m bringing something the game has never seen’ *laughs* no you’re not.There’s nothing new under the sun, its how you do it, how you present it...I relate on different levels with different people. You might hear me talking about some world issues on a track then I’ll talk about being a fly ass Brooklyn boy ya know? 

MRI get called a ‘throwback’ a lot and that’s a big compliment because lyrics are what made me fall in love with hip-hop. There used to be a feeling you got when you heard certain joints and you could remember where you were and what you were doing and the 1st time you heard it. I try to provide that feeling in my music. Plus, Ladies say my music is sexy…so that’s always a good thing *Laughs*

JR: Ha, definitely! You said you were in love with music. How old were you when you ‘caught’ these feelings?

MR: When I fell in love with music?!? Damn man, probably as a toddler! I mean I think music is food for the soul. We all came up with parents or family playing music around the house, dancing around enjoying life, music is the universal language–Maybe from the womb!

JR: Early start huh? Who was the first artist you remember hearing? How ’bout the first song?
MR: Damn!
JR: I know, it’s a hard one
MR: Yea it is…I remember as a snot nose singing ‘Mr. Telephone Man’ by New Edition messing the words up because I only knew the chorus–and my aunt recording it *Laughs*
JR: Definitely remember singing that too, thanks to my big sis… 

JR: You go by Mo betta, does the classic Spike Lee Joint[Mo Betta Blues] have any influence on you picking that name?
MR: I started out as Mo Betta, now I’m going by name Malik Rashad, but so many people know me by Mo Betta I just let it rock. The movie definitlely was the inspiration behind it. I started out as a producer and my boys were trying to come up with names for me but they were bugged like the arsonist, the chemist wild…*laughs*. One day I was watching it [Mo Betta Blues]and I was like ‘I’m going into my Mo Betta Blues’ and they were like ‘that’s you to a t your smooth, your sound is soulful that’s you!’ and Denzel’s [Washington] name was Bleek in the movie and my lil’ sis couldn’t say my name when she was younger so it came out as Bleek instead of Malik so it was a definite fit.
JR: Its funny how things work out. Gotta love it when a plan comes together.
MR: *Laughs* yessir

JR: You’re a man with many hats! A rapper, a producer and now a did you get into modeling anyway?
MR: Yea man you have to be these days. Last year my manager says Wilhemina [Modeling Agency] is having a open call for fitness models, I didn’t get it but that’s how I got open to the modeling world. Then a few photographers asked me to do some shoots, etc. Funny  story; I was away at college in the gym working out and a lady approached me and asked if I worked for Wilhemina and that i had a good look and if I ever modeled. I said no. She said ‘We’re were having a open call out here (I was in St.Louis at the time) tomorrow, I want you to come out’ I was like I’m going home tomorrow for summer and she was like where are you from I told her NY she said well we have offices out there too, and then she gave me her card. 

…I had no idea about how big Wilhemina was in the modeling world so I drove out there with my boy and they told me to come back for another date. I went back to the car told my boy ‘I’m not with it let’s get outta here back to the hood’ Everybody’s like Wilhemina what were you thinking, but I didn’t know. But everything happens for a reason.

JR: Exactly, but nothing wrong being skeptical You never know about certain things.
MR: Yea man like my grandmother says everything happens “In God’s time”
JR: Smart woman! Sticking to the subject of “model”…When you reach a certain level of fame, Will you aspire to be a Role Model? or would you do what you want, when you want regardless of the potential impact you may have on your fans?
MR: I feel like Charles Barkley man I am not a role model *laughs* But nah I’m not perfect and Lord knows I’ve done things and will do things that people won’t agree with or might be flat out wrong, but I do feel a certain sense of responsibility to try and be a better man and get it right everyday not only for fans but first and foremost for my sisters and brother and my niece and nephewI think that all we can do everyday is to try to get it right and be better. You have to stand for something be a man with principals.
JR: I like the barkley reference, but yeah man I feel you on that.
JR: Well man its cool talking to you on the very first Kasual World interview! Very informative. I like to end my interviews with this question: 

Overall, what do you have to offer this Kasual World of ours?

MR: Man its been my pleasure, I’m humbled and excited to be a part of this, and what I have to offer is the faith to follow your dreams; honesty, love and lil’ bit of all of yaselves in what I do!(K*W)



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