Posted: February 23, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

I can just post the word “Music“, and nothing else and watch the comments flow in, that’s how thought provoking the word “Music” is. Everyone has vivid memories and recollections concerning music. Music is heavily involved the process of life, music is life. For the sake of not wanting to look too radical-or just plain lazy, I won’t just post “Music”. Maybe next time.

Music is an consistent source of relaxation, a fixture in the hearts and minds of virtually everyone. Whether its rock and roll; jazz, country western, hip-hop or rhythm and blues you enjoy, music has the ability to either elevate or minimize your psyche. Music has a therapeutic essence to it. When you can’t afford expensive therapists or psychiatric evaluations–on many occasions you can turn to music. Music is the ultimate upper when you’re feeling down, and the quintessential downer when your feeling extra hyper. You know we all sometimes need that one song to slow down our sometimes hyper active state of being.

Try to imagine when you arrive home after a long day of work, school, or whatever particular series of events that drained your soul–and either there’s no one to talk too or you don’t feel like talking. You throw on your headphones, lay down, and scroll through your playlist to find the perfect song that sums up everything causing your mind’s weariness or your racing heart. Trust me, there is always a song to summarize exactly how you’re feeling. A break up, a loss of someone special in your life or just a emotionally draining day can all be expressed in a song. Word for word, this particular song paints a picture that’s so familiar you could have composed it yourself.

I remember when I was a kid, I met this girl while playing in the sprinklers one summer afternoon. She wasn’t my first crush, but was most definitely and early one. I sheepishly expressed my attraction to her by the monkey bars, and apparently boys weren’t something she was too interested in just yet (I would later find out she would never discover that interest, but that’s another story). Sad, but not too broken up-I went home and vibed with Ralph Tresvant about this “Candy Girl” who didn’t want my “Popcorn Love“. Feeling the New Edition references? Mr Telephone Man was one of my favorites.

I often listened to New Edition, and Boys II Men when I was kid, It wasn’t until I was older that I resorted to Stevie Wonder for one of many choices in musical therapy. Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to hear a song that you totally identify with, this only solidifies your mood–sometimes you need to alter your mood. There are sad, “I didn’t get the girl” heartbreak songs and general break up songs. Then there’s the energetic “Fuck the opposite sex” songs.

“I hate you so much right now” a lyric from the hatred fueled anthem by singer Kelis–my case and point.

Sometimes the transference of sad energy takes place when your listening to music. Your melancholy mood could be easily exchanged for self-empowering beats laced with lyrics infused with rage. I could have went home and threw on “ho’s ain’t shit” styled rap music on instead of New Edition-but for one I was 9, secondly, that brown eyed temptress wasn’t that big of deal. Years and many girls later, I would have “Anti hoes'” music on max volume.

Its not all bad.

Music isn’t always meant to complement unsavory moods. Sometimes you’re feeling great; full of energy, and optimistic, you just need that song to make it all come together. Music can supplement your already cloud 9-eqsue feeling. I know we all have the radio, Pandora or even our mobile phones media player blaring as we prepare for a night of festivities. Singing in the shower for instance, is a very common form of music therapy and a suffice example of what I’m trying to convey.

Music has been my constant therapy beyond the aforementioned instance of rejection I received when I was 9. Whether I’m happy or sad, music seems to maintain its reliability. Music is my remedy and my therapist in a world that will without a doubt drive anyone crazy.

I leave you with Stevie. Peace!(K*W)

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