Posted: February 22, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual


In the music industry, Tuesday is commonly known as the day that new music, more specifically new albums are released. Instead of taking a look at NEW albums, we will be taking a look back, at previously released albums, classic albums that we would run and buy (before digital downloads) and play until the CD (compact disc) skipped! These are the albums of yesterday, that are the topic of discussion, today…

Today’s Album: “DRU HILL” by DRU HILL 
by King Riv (contributor)

I decided to keep it on the R&B side for this Tuesday’s feature. Today I would like to discuss four crooners from B-more (Baltimore) that burst on the scene in 1997 with their first single “ Tell me” that’s right, I’m talking about Dru Hill.

Their self titled debut eventually went on to platinum status, making these four young singers famous and highly respected in the music world. The biggest hit off that album was “In my bed“.

When I heard this track it immediately caught my attention. This song sounds like a dude who is just fed up with the BS. At this time, there was a lot of “man bashing” songs about how wrong MEN were. In my bed was one of the few songs where a female was the villain.

If this song were to debut in 2011, I think it would still make it top of the charts. Just when you think the song couldn’t get any bigger, the So So Def remix with Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat was released. JD put his brand of hip hop on that song and made it even hotter–and something you could two-step too. Around this year in music, almost any hit had either a Bad Boy or So So Def remix.

But let’s not stray away from this very well put together R&B album. One song in particular “Never Make A Promise” is a personal favorite of mine. The controversial video was the first video I saw that touched on the topic of sexual abuse from a parent. In the video the girlfriend of Jazz ( 2nd lead vocalist of the group) is being abused by her own father. I later found out this video saved a young lady’s life. By watching this video, she found the courage to inform someone of the similar things going on her life.

If your into good; old fashioned R&B, I recommend Dru Hill’s first album. Hands down you will not be disappointed. POW!!!

King Riv
Kasual Contributor

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