Posted: February 21, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
Malcolm X
(May 19, 1925 ā€“ February 21, 1965)
I see so many people talking about hatred, constantly referring to someone as “hating on them”. Hatred is not your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, not “liking” your status, that’s immaturity–infatuation even. Hatred is the fuel that brought various beacons of hope in our culture to their demise–Martin, MedgarMalcolm and many others.  It is true; hatred is sometimes petty, but hatred is the jealousy that is embedded in the depths of our souls, dwells in our very core and consumes our conciousness. Hatred has caused people of the very same race to murder the man who was literally trying to uplift his people.
Self Hatred is something that is consitant within our race. Many African American stive to be everything else, besides African AmericanBlond wigs, blue eyes and skin whitening are said to be ” beauty enhancers” but in all actuality are just forms of self hatred. Self hatred is why black men would kill another black man who’s primary intetnion was to elevate our people beyond our downtrodden place on the social ladder through unity.
“Why do we hate ourselves?”
Malcom X’s message was  a clear one. He continuously preached Black Unity. A whole nation of black people; of African Americans, working together toward a common goal. In order to achieve a consistent progression we must fully unite, and set aside our differences–which are minimal, and realize that with a combined effort, we will all go far. Malcolm X’s death wasn’t the end of our struggle, this is apparent. Malcolm X’s death was an indicator of the progress, as well as the digression that our people are capable of. Here you have an African American man who was making tremendous progress for his people, and was killed by his supposed “brothers”, there enlies the digression. We must deter from segregation, and set our sights on integration.
A great man died 46 years ago today. He accomplished so much before the age of 40. If Malcolm X didn’t teach you nothing else, he taught you its never too late turn your life around. Young people we do have time, but still–it’s not to be taken for granted(K*W)
Continue to rest in peace Malcolm.

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