ImaniLia, INC Prom Dress Giveaway Contest!!!

Posted: February 14, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Harlem fashion designer, Imani Whyte, announces her first Prom Dress Giveaway for High School Seniors from her fashion collection, ImaniLia.

Are you a High School senior looking for a dress that will turn heads and demand attention of all when you step into the room?

If so, don’t waste another hour, another minute and participate in this year’s Prom Dress Giveaway contest sponsored by ImaniLia Inc!

The lucky winner will receive an exclusive dress by designer ImaniLia valued between $400- $600, enjoy a formal fitting, meet and greet with the designer, ImaniLia.

Participant Requirements:

• Be a High School Senior attending prom during the spring of 2011,

• Have a cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 2.5 (equivalent to 75% or higher)

• Submit a recommendation letter (from a non-relative); a recent copy of school transcript: a 300-word essay (personal statement and relative contributions or volunteer work in the community)

• Submit a creative piece (painting, writing, poem, dance routine, song/rap, etc.) explaining why the participant deserves to win an exclusive prom dress by IMANILIA, Inc.

• Submit all documents to by April 29th.

 If you, or anyone you know, are able to meet these requirements, feel free to participate!
The contest is open too young ladies in; New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia
ImaniLia, Inc and partners will announce the lucky winner on May 2 via Facebook, EMAIL and Imanilia.COM.

Every girl dreams of looking her best on that special night. I am eager to find a lucky girl and make her dream come true,” – Imani Whyte.

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