Posted: February 11, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
(1745 – March 31, 1797)

In the 1780’s the British were heavily involved in efforts to abolish Slavery, and a key member of this movement was Olaudah EquianoIn 1789 Equiano (or Gustavas Vassa-as he was renamed upon entry into America )  wrote his own autobiography entitled: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano; or, Gustavus Vassa, the African. This book showcased the extreme horrors of slavery, and was extremely influential abolition of of the the slave trade in 1807.

Equiano was an African man whom was enslaved–alongside his sister, as a child and brought to America. After being sold several times (it’s so amazing that you can actually refer to a person as being sold ), Equiano was purchased by Robert King. King helped Equiano to read and write more proficiently, also helping him to sustain a career to thrive on. King eventually allowed Equiano to purchase his own freedom. Now in his 20’s, Equaino was finally able regain his freedom, and pursue a fulfilling life partaking in several different occupations. Equiano was an not only an author; but also a merchant, as well as an explorer on a quest for spirituality.

The back story of Olaudah Equiano is unclear, so there are many claims that dispute his actual origin. Through my own recollection, but mainly through extensive research; I present prominent figures in our history via my blog, and on a daily basis. I don’t usually give too much background information, in fact, I would like you to do further research on your own because there are so many different articles written pertaining to these great people–on and offline. In the case of Olaudah Equiano, I would encourage you investigate his life. Although for the specific purpose of this article, his origin isn’t important as his purpose.

The true essence of this article would be to describe the several instances that were instrumental in making Olaudah Equiano a prominent person of interest concerning African-American history. Reguardless of whether not he actually came from Africa, or whether or not he was even actually a slave, doesn’t diminish the fact that his autobiography assisted British law makers in eradicating the slave act in Britain–a major step toward the abolition of slavery. An accomplished author, and all around jack of all trades–Olaudah Equiano was essential, and a reason why black history should be celebrated year round(K*W)

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