Fashions by ImaniLia!!!

Posted: February 11, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

By: Silk Sachet

Imani hard at work.

In the ever changing world of fashion, there are many leaders who encompass a true passion for their craft. As of late, there is a highly noticeable rising talent whom indeed possesses not only a forceful passion, but also an equally immense amount of creativity, and her name is Imani.

With her budding collection entitled ImaniLia, Imani appears to be the brightest, up and coming fashion designer to grace our generation. Harlem born and raised, her fashion sense is quite keen. Imani has set seemingly high standards for herself with dreams of creating fashion glamour gowns. A classical look that exudes a modern theme, are exceedingly visible throughout her collection.

However, Imani has not stopped at just gowns; she also creates trendy handbags, aesthetically supplemental hair accessories, and  an abundance of couture designs. Her creations are meant for all women, any size or race. A woman must simply possess the necessary confidence and natural allurement that comes with donning an ImaniLia creation.

Imani does not follow trends, she sets them. With her innovative and distinct approach toward creation, she uses the essence of Harlem as her muse for her many creations. With inspirations from designers; Karl Lagerfeld, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar De La Renta; Imani goes outside of the box by adding her own personality, with a mix of eccentric bright colors that fit the wearer just right.

Imani has consistently expressed her creative genius though her dedicated efforts in fashion. Through her collection, its obvious she is the voice box of the younger generation, as well as the visual representation of the refined. Curb your reluctance to be fashionably inspiring and immerge yourself in to Imani’s distinguished yet, brilliantly flamboyant creations. Welcome the unique designs of ImaniLia in to an otherwise repetitive world(K*W)

-Silk Sachet (kasual contributor)

For more info on Imani and her ImaniLia collection, visit her offical website:
If you wish to contact, or just to be kept up-to-date with up coming news and events concerning ImaniLia, visit her at:
Also, be sure to checkout her blog!

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