Posted: January 28, 2011 by Jay Rasean in atl, hip-hop, music, rap
Straight out of Atlanta, Georgia, by way of East Point, comes an innovative young talent by the name of YOUNG TRIMM. T.R.I.M.M, which means The Realest Individual Making Music, is a southern based emcee who lends his vocal talents to the world of Hip-Hop in a powerful way. Trimm encompasses that undeniable ATL swagger, highly evident in his music.
Songs Like “Beautiful” and “Radio Killa” just to name few blazing tracks, demonstrate this rising stars rap prowess. Speaking of “demonstrate”, Trimm recently released a 7-track digital album entitled “The Demonstration” produced by HeadRoc of Battery 5.  Hot tracks like “Always Here” featuring Esther Dean and the aforementioned Radio Killa can be heard on The Demo. The album IS online, and available for download here:
Pay the site a visit, and take a listen!!
Along with The Demo tracks, there are an abundance of other joints available, like “Pay Me” featuring none other than The Dream. I am a big fan of hot, new hip-hop music, and if you are as well…do not hesitate to check out what Young Trimm has to offer!! He is indeed a “Radio Killa”
For more music, and more in depth information on, or about Young Trimm, feel free to visit these sites:
and don’t forget to follow him on twitter!!

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