Posted: January 26, 2011 by Jay Rasean in harlem world, mase, music


In the music industry, Tuesday is commonly known as the day that new music, more specifically new albums are released. Instead of taking a look at NEW albums, we will be taking a look back, at previously released albums, classic albums that we would run and buy (before digital downloads) and play until the CD (compact disc) skipped! These are the albums of yesterday, that are the topic of discussion, today…

by King Riv (contributor)

I’m extremely excited about this particular album. Harlem World by the former prince of Bad Boy Records, Mase. This debut brings so much memories to mind. I will never forget buying this album because it was my first purchase of a non bootleg cd/cassette. Before purchasing this album, I was getting my all my music from the bootleg man on Nevins Ave and Nostrand ave in Brooklyn, New York. 

“Two for ten Dollars!” which was yelled out to pedestrians passing by. This was quite the bargain back then, just two CDs for just 10 bucks! This is when one cd was $16.99 and up. But because Mase was dropping this soon to be classic (in my mind) album, I had to get the real deal this time.

“That will be $19.75 sweetie”

This is what the cashier said to me as my eyes lit up. I handed her the crispy twenty dollar bill I got from my mom. As soon as I got home, I began tearing through the those annoying stickers and wrappers that came between me and the most exciting thing to me at the moment.

I quickly popped the CD into my Sony boom box and the journey for me began. The first time I heard “Lookin At Me” I was like damn this guy is the best no one can’t tell me anything.

This album was the manual to life.at the time. I would recite lines from the song “Tell Me What You Want Me” feat Total to all the girls I liked in class. I would always get a smile back when I did, so I was hyped off that. Every morning you could catch me on the B41 riding to school with my Disc Man ( Remember those?) in hand, headphones on full blast listening to “24 hrs to live”. Every night I listening to the whole album, all the way through ’till I eventually fell asleep.

Harlem World was and still is…one the most well rounded albums I can think of. How many east coast rappers had a down south influence on their albums at that time. Speaking of which, Mase did his thing with 8ball and MJG on the track “ The Player Way”. He also had the ladies loving the tracks in which they could dance to like “ Feels so good”. He also had the street record hit with “Niggaz Wanna Act” with the always rowdy Busta Rhymes in the background.

There was a little bit of everything for everyone on this LP, which is why I place it in my top 20!


King Riv
Kasual Contributor

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