Posted: January 9, 2011 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
…first of many kasual thoughts…

You read all these biographies about influential people, people who have these epic lives filled with turmoil as well as groundbreaking moments and milestones. Then you look at your life, this basic, mundane, ritualistic daily grind.
You think…”My life is so boring, nothing is happening” and then you develop this sense of envy-which evolves in to a fixation. You begin to wish your life was also great. Little do you know, something fantastically devastating or devastatingly fantastic can happen at any non-specific moment in favor of a more “interesting” life.
In one singular instance your seemingly boring life, can become a story tellers dream, complete with as much tragedy or comedic realization as a Greek play. Your average life can become a life of fictitious glamour within hours, minutes or even seconds. The only question is, if and when this does occur..
will you accept it?…or wish it never happened at all?


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