Posted: October 15, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
Extravagant homes, expensive cars, extremely lucrative endorsement deals and the highly coveted trophy…. A WHITE WOMAN…the all inclusive perks of the African-American athlete!

(hey…he’s holding the wrong trophy!)
If I were to go down the list of black athletes who have taken a white counter-part,  it would be as if I’m reading the starting lineup of a basketball game. The number of ball players with the customary white trophy wife are enough to construct a team or two, in either league (NBA or NFL).

I by no means have anything against mixed relationships. Most of my closest friends are the direct result of mixed race or mixed culture relationships ( OUR PRESIDENT IS MIXED). The basic point i would like to make is…Why is it every famous athlete over looks the darker breed of females upon obtaining a certain position of power and fame? Does he think the white woman is a trophy? Yes! among other various reasons.
Many black men feel that obtaining a white woman is a sign of wealth, a bright-blinking indicator of success.  In a subconscious “killing two birds with one stone” sort of way, a black man thinks “Hey i can marry a white girl, and people will think I’ve made it…at the same time stick it to the white man, by taking his woman!” This may or may not be the athletes main intention, or maybe he may not be aware of his deep seeded reasons.

The black man’s love for white women travels back many years prior to our current time frame. As we all know, the white man wasn’t always fond enough of the black man to allow him to be president of the UNITED STATES. White men oppressed our people in every way possible. One of the biggest crimes a black man could commit more than 50 years ago was to merely look at a white woman! But, we took it further.

Behind the white man’s back, black men would turn white women out! White women would flock to brothers like a drug, a high-prohibited drug. They way we danced, sang, and our overall physical appearance, stimulated white women’s sense of danger, excitement and direct insubordination of their white husbands. Within this forbidden attraction, a great opportunity presented itself. With white women smitten, black men seized their chance to get back at the white men for his oppressive ways. Imagine what a white man would do if he knew his prized possession was cooking (at least attempting to ) grits for some jungle bunny?

The black man, due to this master plan, finally had something over the white man-but this plan has backfired. Because the white woman was so sought after, she was put on an even higher pedestal, almost driving the black man crazy, causing them to risk their lively hood for a taste of this white delicacy. Back to the present…black men no longer need as much leverage over their oppressors as they once did, but avid white girl enthusiast, they remain.
Looking beyond the racism overtone for a more concrete explanation, maybe the brothers just prefer white women over black women? Many black men see black women as, nagging, controlling, unappreciative. They see white woman having long flowing hair of their own (which they all don’t!) and the black woman purchasing hers. They feel a white woman would do anything and everything to please her 6 foot 5 inch starting forward, especially with her dollar signs for eyes. Black men seem to forget that the BLACK woman-who was neglected whilst in his search for a mate to accompany him in his lavish life, was the one who stood by him throughout the gritty beginnings for his quest for greatness.
Lastly, I’m not knocking the merging of black men and white women in holy matrimony. If you find someone you know you love, then…that’s life! LOVE THAT PERSON. I am simply examining why famous African-Americans, more exclusively athletes, tend to gravitate toward white women.

On another note…why do black women gravitate toward white men! To heighten their social, status, the blue eyes, the assumed bigger bank account?? Maybe because all the brothers are getting snatched up by the white girls???…This situation is a whole other blog post, stay tuned!



  1. Baldwin says:

    Great post! I agree that it's almost like having a living trophy or tribute to where they are now.

  2. Miss Toya says:

    LOL @ I see you Venus! Yea..some things never change. But each is own. I have no problem with it…if that's what they want…they can have em. Most of them are dogs anyway. LOL (prof. athletes) j/k. I'm not into stereotypes.

  3. Not to sound like a hater and I know its not ALL but….Black males have the highest incarceration rate. White men are up there too but there are also a LOT more of them. In a weird twist of things, out of all the races of female in prison or jail, white women lead that just under black men! Usually couples of black male white female tend to be with the white woman being more “urban” or “black acting” for lack of better words, no offense.

    This is from MY observation as well as my experience in the correctional field. In retrospect, every time I see a white male with a black female, she RARELY is “ratchet” or “hood” acting and usually light skinned / mixed.

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