Posted: October 13, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual
Dear Marcela,
How should I start? ……..Where do I begin?…….
I told you how I felt and told you what my interests were.
Little did you know…you interest me.
At first I hid it. I didn’t know it was already visible.
I even covered it. I didn’t know it was transparent.
So what did I do? I told you what was already being said.
I told you what my interest were.
I could possibly blame it on what I’ve imagined but never seen before.
In disbelief, I want to blink
But I’m too scared I wont see you again.
So I stare…
What am I looking at?
I see a mother, student, provider, beautiful young lady…. superwoman to say the least
You go to class with much class, Good work when you’re at work
Provide for your son with everything under the sun
And what am I?
What do I have to offer?
What do I have to bring to the table besides a fork?
I don’t know…
How can I help your son?
What if what I have to add takes away?
In addition to that, it may not be so positive
You have enough stress…I would add to that
You’ve cried buckets of tears…Will I make them barrels?
Basically what I’m saying is…I don’t want to be the addition…
…that takes away..
Sincerely yours,
Tariq G


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