Posted: September 23, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual


..to partially quote Jay-Z.  Projects buildings have inconsistent hot water, inconsistent elevators, inconsistent management. The only consistent variable is the “ I don’t give a fuck! ” attitudes of its inhabitants.

How do you expect an elevator to work 100 percent of the time, when its covered wall to wall with urine and spit…..100 percent of time? In a literal sense, the appearance of the INSIDE of an elevator has nothing to do with the mechanics, but it’s a huge factor. When elevator engineers are dispatched out to repair these “mobile bathrooms” they are greeted with a floor full of piss and a wall full of spit!  When they notice the horrid shape the elevator’s in, they MUST sub-consciously (if not consciously) think “THEY don’t care about this elevator enough to take care of it, why should I?” thus explaining their sub-par work. Aside from this less then obvious reason, I’m sure they don’t enjoy pissy floors with a spit covered backdrop, as a workstation.

Aside from disgusting elevators, there is tons of “artwork” that  is apparent all throughout most project buildings. Ranging from gang slogans and symbols, all the way to certain tenants being referred  to something…unflattering. Its good to know young Jamal can bring his new lady friend over, and watch her jaw drop as she reads ” Jamal sucks dick “. “But I Don’t, That’s a different Jamal!!” he exclaims, ” Sure Jamal, Sure” she says. A lot of times people will non-nonchalantly invite guest to their home with no reservations about seeing their filthy building. The reasoning behind this is; once off that disgusting elevator (and ushered down a long hallway with  that odor that smells as if everyone was boiling dog shit simultaneously), they reach an apartment straight out of  “MTV cribs”. Because of the low, stabilized rent, tenants can afford to live lavish. Giant flat screen T.V’s, leather couches, A PICASSO (not really) are just a few things you might encounter. Tenants have no problem keeping their homes IMMACULATE, but the buildings common spaces say “FUCK THE LOBBY, I DON’T SLEEP THERE” 

People have no problem paying  minimal amounts of rent for minimal living conditions, as long THEIR home…looks great. On the flip-side; when someone gets raped because the lobby door doesn’t lock, or an elderly person passes out when she has walk the stairs when the elevator isn’t working, everybody’s ready to complain! The same one pissing, and drawing their endearments on the elevator, complains whens its not working well enough to take him to the 3RD FLOOR! The guy with Picasso is complaining bout their never being hot water, or the front door being closed…you can afford a Picasso,  why don’t you just move, right?

In the end, respect is universal, and if you respect yourself…others will learn to respect you with ease. These rules don’t apply just to the person, but the person’s surroundings. Guys bring girls to their filthy buildings all the time, saying things like ” Pardon this building, these niggas are nasty ” secretly knowing he relieved himself in the very same hallway they are standing in. Because project living conditions are so very poor (self inflicted) society looks upon them as vagrants, less then deserving of decent service. Relating back to what I said earlier ” RESPECT YOURSELF…AND OTHERS WILL RESPECT YOU” also means “RESPECT YOUR SHIT” too. Maybe think twice about spitting on elevator door or spray painting ” Jaquan IS PUSY” (spelled wrong on purpose) all over the hallways, and society will take these many buildings to be CLASSY establishments, which they CAN be if treated better.

 – J rasean

  1. DAVID says:


  2. word..never though about that LOL

  3. J. Hale says:

    Dats so fukin tru… Pll quick to blame the next man for mishaps..gotta respect ur things cuz others won't.. "she don't respect her household y should I..?" thts how ppl think ..!!

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