Posted: September 22, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

In my eyes… 

If you were me, you would be able to see what I see 
but you ain’t me so you cant see… 
but this is what I’m gonna do for you, give you a little piece of me…

Getting off the train station from a long day of school
I see on the corner the same damn fool
I hope he don’t think that sitting on the block is cool 
cause its wrong but he don’t have a clue. 

I keep walking along, I see an African American brother trying to sell that sticky.
And standing next to him is his girl with her hair mad picky.
Right behind them is a memorial that says R.I.P Ricky. 

There’s a report everyday about someone getting stabbed, shot, or beaten to death.
Now cops patrol the blocks, like boats in the docks.
Brothers get mad at the cops, so they disrespect them and tell them to kick rocks.

No one recognizes the brothers that are doing good.
That’s why they can’t wait to pack, and leave the hood…
There are some that’s all about making dough
Then there are others that only care about piping the local hoe.

All I do is shake my head
And pray every night before I got to bed
That I make it in this fair world and get ahead. 




  1. I found this to be an excellent glimpse into a day. Very enjoyable =) Skilss shining through….

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