Priorities? Anyone?? …Revisited

Posted: September 15, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Dreams and aspirations always seem to consistently occupy the mind of a person who has nothing.  The dreams that reside in the mind of the obviously non-content, are both varied and synonymous.
Varied in such a way that everyone has different dreams-synonymous in a sense that dreams are all the person thinks about, especially if they currently dwell in an unsatisfactory situation. During the quest for dreams there are a certain classifications of priorities. If you aspire to be wealthy what do you plan on doing with your riches? here lies room for ignorance over intelligence, responsible over irresponsible.

Awhile back I was approached by an army recruiter with the intent on signing me up. Sitting in a black Benz (along with a fellow recruiter and a young lady) he called me over and proceeded to list several enticing benefits of joining the army. As he spoke, and before I understood why he called me over, I thought “why the fuck are these hood muhfuccas calling me over here to this dark lit Benz?” Once I was over this quite hood approach, I must say, I  was partially sold.  I say partially because although the army seems like a great career move at this point, I’m not willing to participate in this idiotic war, I’m good.

The recruiter handed me his card, and I bid him good day. As I began to walk away, the other passenger of the vehicle called me back. He handed me a registration card and told me to fill in my information, so they can contact me. He claimed it would take 10 seconds to fill out, “10 seconds that will change your life” according to him.  I declined ( I was on my way to Junior’s in Brooklyn! and I was starving ) that’s when he said what brought me to write this piece…

“Yo, I know you not getting bread…See my belt, it’s LOUIS! ( Louis Vuitton ) see my whip, ITS A BENZ!, holla at me when you wanna get some bread…”

 I looked at him with a smirk and said ” I’m Good”. I couldn’t believe the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has two hood dudes advertising for the US ARMY, by promising “Champagne wishes, and caviar dreams” in this case Louis Vuitton and a Mercedes Benz. The first thing that crossed my mind was, what makes these young gentlemen think I’m going to fight an AMERICAN war, so I can purchase a $400 FRENCH belt. Priorities are in DISARRAY! As I continued my  “making the band”-esque journey to Junior’s, I was befuddled. I conversed with my girlfriend (who had heard what was said to me, and confirmed that I’m not hearing things ) about why clothing and luxuries are at the top of the priorities list, especially in minority neighborhoods. If I would have walked by a WHITE recruiter, do you think he  would have offered me a promise of achieving GUCCI status in exchange for my blood shed? Maybe he would’ve, minorities constantly give off the impression that, fancy things is all we care about.

What happen to owning a home, having good credit, getting an education, getting an outstanding job once you’re done with the ARMY? Those are all things I would have used as my tools of persuasion. Maybe everyone is thinking ” Why get a degree and a great job, when I can skip all that and get the LV now? Because, LV won’t pay your phone bill or feed your hungry children, which STATISTICS say minorities are prone to having…in the lots.

In any event, I began writing this awhile back as a comedic story intended to be on twitter. While writing this it turned into a bit of a rant, and reminded me of my previous post entitled ” Priorities? Anyone??”. I just hope the people reading this will agree with what I’m saying, and that they’re acknowledgment of what I’m saying will trickle down, hopefully…


  1. PhatGyrl says:

    Quality observation, you get 4 Stars soldier! I don't need the fancy things theme song sung to me either, I know my priorities and they don't skip to that beat.

  2. PhatGyrl says:

    It's sad that your own people marginalize you before even knowing who you are or what you're about but they are a product of their environment and ignorrance is a silent communication killer. However, for the flip side I know a lot of military people and they don't sell their branch that way they use your mentioned suggestions (Home ownership, Guaranteed Job, etc.) and you still get 4 stars because most people don't even talk about this behavior and its rampid in NYC, ridiculous even.

  3. brena says:

    the recruiters who approached you were beyond ignorant..there are many perks of joing the US Military and if I was to join it would not be because of materialistic crap!!

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