Posted: September 10, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Now you’ve all heard about T-pain and his random outburst while performing at REHAB in Las Vegas. He obnoxiously taunts rapper Jay-Z by making light of his age, saying Jay is 59 years old ( Jigga turns 40!, this December). Following this exaggeration, he proceeds to say  ” I think if anything is dead…It should be him” Harsh words from, “the mad TOP hatter”, who seems to be one of Jigga’s TOP haters…Check the play on words!

Shortly after the Club REHAB situation, Jigga responds in his laid back, non-evasive sort of away, still causing T-pain to regret opening his gold toothed mouth. He goes on to say that he was merely using a combative way to provoke Jigga to say whom “D.O.A” was really about, we all know its about T-pain and everybody like T-pain, but whatever you say PAIN.

All though T-pains words were misguided, he seems to have a legitimate reason for any negative energy to spew Jigga’s way. This year at Summer Jam, the stage was set for an ackward exchange between the two superstars, which may have been the catalyst for this insignificant quarrell.  T-pain goes on to say:

“I called Jay and I said can you come out on my set [during Summer Jam] and do the D.O.A song, it’ll be a big look for me and you. I embrace the song, I love the song and don’t get me wrong Jay-z is the best in the game period. I would never say anything different. At that time he said “yo I’m triple booked, I’m in Switzerland right now, I can’t do it”. Then I’m ready to go on stage after Jeezy set and they said “hold on, Jay-z is about to come out with Jeezy” and I said ” Jay-z is in Switzerland”. They say “no he’s not, he’s right there” and I look to the side and there’s Jay-z. So he gets on the stage and when he gets to the part where he says “I don’t need anyone smiling at this” he pointed at me and then at the end of the song when I tried to shake his hand, he turned around, gave the mic to someone and said “good riddance.”

Sounds kind of rough T-peezy…Now i could see that causing someone to act a tad hasty…

In any event, I think ever since the beginning of hip-hop, artist continuously over-step their bounds. “Sticking to the Script” and knowing your place is not an apparent quality in most people, including SUCKER MC’s. Take Canibus having his head handed to him on a few occasions by LL Cool J. More recently, check out Soulja Boy‘s disreguard for respect, as he disses the rap veteran ICE-T who also happens to be 40 years his senior!. Now we have T-pain an artist who obviously is very famous, without a doubt! due to the fact he’s riding a trend HE ushered in, using computer generated sounds along with catchy hook. When a veteran, with his paid dues intact lashes out at this trend,  T-pain LASHES back with slick remarks. T-pain hasn’t really tasted the fruits of longevity, such as Jay-Z has and should be more careful with whom he gets rowdy with. Save that energy on assuring you’ll be around when YOU’RE 40…


  1. Nicely written. I didn't understand the details as to what had happened exactly until now.

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