D.O.A. again

Posted: June 17, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Whether you all refer to it as “Auto Tune” or even “that t-pain” there has been a seemingly unstoppable surge of NEW music saturated with a not so NEW sound. One of the earliest uses of of Auto Tune, was in 1998 in the song “believe” by singer Cher. Commonly known as a trade secret, the vocal enhancing Auto Tune was now out for the world to see, due to the fact “Believe” was a chart topping success. People eventually went on to call the use of Auto Tune, “the Cher effect” sound familiar? More than 10 years later, this instrument of deception is back again, and with a vengeance.

This musician’s tool has been used to enhance many of the mundane, repetitive voices of the present,IE T-Pain. Rappa turnt sanga, T-Pain would undoubtedly love to take blame for breathing life in to this ever popular electronically induced form of entertainment. Auto-Tune is currently a mainstay in the hip-hop world because of T-Pain. With his hit song “I’m in love with a stripper” he burst on the scene with his mediocre singing skills, draped in machine sounding perfection.

Mr. Pain has struck gold with his synthesized deception in such away, that most have moved on from “the cher effect” and now to refer to auto tune as ” that t-pain ” T-pain has even been heard to smugly suggest that he be properly compensated by anyone who chooses to use Auto Tune…. What?! If anything T-pain should hand out some of the cash to Cher!, I’m sure she doesn’t need it, but still…

All though T-Pain must have been sipping on that “purple stuff” when this suggestion approached his decorative top hat engulfed head , his point does hold validity. Because T-pain has found extreme success thanks to auto tune (and actually being able to put together a catchy song) many popular mainstream artist have migrated to the use of auto tune. Lil Wayne, Drake, R-Kelly and Kanye West just to name a few, have all adopted this futuristic sound. Mr. West even released an album called “808 and heart beaks” with the majority of the tracks demonstrating the auto tune sound,” he used that T-Pain!!” and he seems to love it, unlike his ‘Big Brother”On the flip side there are many unknown, unsigned artists also using auto tune. Unknown and with no significant buzz, these new artist feel as if using auto tune will allow them too soar to the top of billboard charts. Perhaps this isn’t their quest, but that of the record executives concerned with duplication and imitation in order to produce record sales. This is where T-Pain should focus his discrepancies, at those striving to achieve success on his semi-extravagant coat tails.
As predicted, ( by me ) new artist using auto tune to soar to the top, only enjoy moderate success. When the second single comes around it fails to live up to the previous single and falls to the depths of one-hit wonder hell.

In his new song, Jay-Z definitly challenges the abuse of auto tune. Entitled “DOA” (death of auto tune), Jay-Z questions rappers masculinity and musical capability. “You niggas singin’ too much, Get back to rap you T-Pain’n too much” clearly stating music is becoming co-dependent upon this particular method of making music. An earlier occurrence displaying Jay-Z’s distaste of the usage of auto tune can be heard in the song “put on remix” featuring rapper Young Jeezy. Jay proclaims ” I don’t need no T-Pain, I got this one!” I do believe Auto Tune must die, at least be badly injured. There has definitely been an abusing of the sound, causing everything to sound the same. In hip-hop, creativity is a key component along with innovation.

So as a message to all of you singers and rappers, I do not wish to discourage your thirst for stardom. I am encouraging you take a different route and flirt with creativity and create something memorable. And for all the house hold names…This is the death of auto tune, moment of silence…

  1. but keep in mind it does entertain and $ell…the days of real hip hop is dead…real hip hop is now just a niche within the "urban genre"

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