Priorities? Anyone???

Posted: June 16, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Louis Vuitton bag $800, PRADA sneakers $300, GUCCI shades $650, not being able to pay your rent… senseless. Priorities in the minority communities are grossly out of whack! Expensive clothes and gadgets are on top of every ones wish list, f**k food and shelter huh?

Have you ever encountered one of your friends driving a 2010 BMW with all the trim, sound system, and rims, and when you call his cell, it’s cut off?, a brand new G1 phone at that. Its because portraying a fancy lifestyle takes priority to taking care of life’s necessities.

Have you ever paid a visit to one of your acquaintance’s homes in the projects? Upon entering this building, you notice it isn’t even suitable for the great number of rats in and all around it. The one! out of two elevators that is working skips certain floors, and is drenched in spit and urine. Upon entering your friends apartment, you see a 52 inch flat screen television, Jordan sneaker boxes and you might even see a damn Picasso! In awe you peer back in to the grotesque building hallway trying to figure out what’s going on. You may think that you’re seeing a mirage, you’re not. The sad actuality is that people have no problem living in poverish conditions in order to be able to say “man I love this new v, cost me a years pay and I won’t be able to pay my health insurance, but it’s worth it”.

I’ve learned that when shopping people actually weigh their options. “Should I get these sneakers or buy groceries this week”. Mother’s, don’t be surprised if your child is eating dinner at your house all of next week, at least they have nice sneakers. Ever seen something as mind-blowing as father making their kids eat hot dogs and beans for dinner, just so he can go out to the club and pop bottles?, I haven’t…yet, but I’m sure it goes down.

Our economy is currently in shambles, but this obviously doesn’t curb our societies appetite for living lavish. Due to this recession, your company recently laid you off. On the walk to the subway cradling, your nic-nacs in an empty file box, you pass several women with the latest Louis bag. This visualisation doesn’t seem fair does it?. Part of the reason you see these women with these fancy bags is because they have more money than you and can afford to have
one. The other sad truth is draped in denial, women buy the bags believing the recession doesn’t affect them. The rich with tons of money, and the poor who spend their rent money on this bag to be fly at the club on Friday night, priorities are in a disarray…

The thing is, the rich will be okay, somewhat. But the “not so well off” woman with bills due, and a pink slip waiting for her when she comes back to work Monday morning from a weekend of partying and flaunting…will awaken to a harsh reality. The dude with the expensive car won’t be able to afford the gas for his multiple cylinders, and I bet neither of the two have a drop of money saved for their kids tuition, but I bet the children’s sneakers and cell phones are very nice…
now weigh that out…


  1. i agree…too many people fake stuntin'..i say if you worked hard for the money and took care of your top priorities (i.e. put a % on your 401k, got groceries for decent meals, paid billz, fixed your broken sink) then yea go ahead and get that bag or get a bottle…with that said i just copped the palm pre

  2. Lyric Avory says:

    ok, i admitt i heavily thought about getting an LV Backpack. However, i thought hard about the image i would be presenting. 1. i thought "do i want peaople to ST me just from the presense of the leather bookbag that i carry? 2. would i want a backpack that would cost more than the books it would carry and 3. Would i want to be called a dumba*ss by my friends and by myself. Because i am cheap as hell!!!.lol

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