Pull Ya Pants Up!

Posted: June 10, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

Being in my 20’s, I’m a young guy, fond of fashion and innovation. Now, what I’m not fond of is idiotic trends. Especially not ones where I would have to adopt a bow-legged style of walking to ensure my pants aren’t going to fall to my ankles, but instead fall just beneath my boxers. Geez…..

Pants sagging is at an all time low, excuse the pun. I once seen a dude about 16 years old on the train, using his reflection in a #5 train door to adjust his pants. His intention was not on pulling them up, (never that) his focus was on lowering them. He carefully lowered his excessively tight “skinny” jeans just enough so that his crotch was exposed and the the world can view The style of boxers he wore.

Don’t get me wrong I have followed a trend or two in my day. For instance, about 6 or 7 years ago, most guys (and girls) all their closets filled with the latest basketball jerseys and other sports apparel. Around this time everyone was also aware of a city dude’s obsession with a crisp white tee. As time progressed, Polo’s and button down shirts eased in to our previously hood saturated closets, a trend spear-headed by rapper Kanye West. This trend offered hope to our young society letting them know it was okay to dress properly with a touch of style.

There seemed to be a thriving progressive outlook on today’s Hip-Hop influenced culture, only to backfire and usher in a new brand on metro sexually tight pants and fancy scarves. Have you ever heard a grown man refer to his jeans as skinny jeans? Whoa! When did this start happening? I’m not saying you have to wear pants that look as if you can hide a shotgun in them, its fine to wear pants that fit you a little more snug than most of us are use to.

The thin line is crossed when you refer to them as skinny jeans. What’s next? Capri’s? Air forces with wedges? Just let Lil Wayne or Chris breezy come on stage with. Stockings, all the young guys will be wearing them. (maybe) Take for example all the colorful scarfs all the men wear with the intent on looking stylish abandoning the original purpose of keeping you from getting a head cold. By the way, 80 degree weather is not scarf weather. This is a trend you would think would be strictly for females but many have adopted it due to their attraction to following trends
Once kids started realizing it was now cool to be stylish, the flood gates were open to outlandish new trends with spins on the old ones, IE. Exaggerated pants sagging.

What boggles me, is how so many people, the majority being women can’t stand a guy with his pants sagging…but the trend remains triumphant? Guys only continue do something this absurd if there’s someone out there who enjoys it. So ladies don’t perpetuate this silly trend! If ladies all simultaneously said ” man I hate fitted caps ” dudes like me would have no choice but constantly get haircuts.

Ladies, the next time a guy approaches you with his pants looking like he has something weighing them down, its not money, dismiss him, fight the power!


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