Double Trouble

Posted: June 2, 2009 by Jay Rasean in Kasual

  “Double standards are when certain applications may be acceptable to one group, but seen to another as taboo.”

The double standard in reference to sex is widely debated amongst vast social circles. In society, It is globally acceptable ( amongst men ) for a man to sleep with any woman, numerous times and be praised in the eyes of his fellow man. There seems to be a incessant spree of ravishing, exceeding the purpose of pleasure only to focus on the procurement of a heightened number of sexual partners.

At any give
n time next to you, there is a man who has rendezvous numbers, not necessarily that of “wilt the stilt” (wilt chamberlain), but he does well for himself. This man engages in trysts, one night stands and late night booty calls at least twice a week. To his male onlookers and admirers he is a god, master of the sexual arts and fully equipped with a well polished playa’s card. Meanwhile a woman with similar sexual prowess, whom is single and not afraid to mingle, satisfies her sexual appetite with a new partner, let’s say, each month, “what a ho”. This is not my personal a opinion but is probably what some might express. Contrary to what many may think, men aren’t the only lifeline to this double standard. In female bathrooms and around office water coolers alike, a
display of cha
racter defamation takes place, in reference to a particular “promiscuous ” girl.

Woman too associate the act of a woman having more than one sexual partner in any certain acceptable time frame, as being a slut. These women may be jealous of this particular woman because of her carefree and self affirming nature. They see how easily she attacks her non sexual goals so they then condemn her a less christian like traits as compensation for their melancholy woes, full of life’s disappointments. Perhaps they wish they too could find themselves attracted to a man and then consummate that attraction and keep it moving.

I myself always believed that this double standard derived from the physical aspect of sex. A man could have sex consistently throughout the year , and there will be little signs of wear and tear on his Johnson(assuming he doesn’t over due it )as long as he practices safe sex. A woman who engages in the same act, for the same amount of time might have a noticeable transformation to to her anatomy, her vagina to be precise. Now this alteration brings forth a distaste amongst men most likely the reason so many men are fixated on having a virgin. In discussion about this theory, I was brashly informed that, a series of kegels will fix this little dilemma through a series of contractions, ladies problem solved?, Ha.

Looking beyond a sexually connotation for an answer to this facetious standard of living, one might bring the factor of male dominance in to play. The fact we were believed to be created first and since then has had our grasp on the molding of society, maybe men believe simply ” I can do what I want and you can’t” once again not my opinion but a mere suggestion. In any event, this double standard has became a way of life an actuality of sorts. The best way to work around them is to be an understanding person, more so and intelligent person. If we are adults and realize we are all equals this standard of life will erase it self, but I wouldn’t hold your breath just yet. Thoughts on this??

  1. Really now. So men can honestly tell from a womans vagina size, that she is sexin alot? i thought that was a myth..

  2. Lyric Avory says:

    Like i said, i like your blog as much as mine and i have read all of the post already.hah. Ok to the post. I actually studied the sexual double standard in my Human Sexuality class and the Theory that i most agreed with was the "Receiver Theory" ( not the real name of the theory). It summed means that the person that is getting entered will be perceived in a more negative light than the person doing the penetrating because the receiver has given up their power,and their purity and the penetrater has not. He stays dominate and clean because his body has not been entered. This was found to be true in hetero and homosexual relationships. Where the "ho" standard is placed on the fem man or the fem woman.

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